Angela Seals

Senior Accounts Payable

  • 35 years of experience
  • 20 years at KDC

Angela Seals has footprints all over her house. No, not the kind of footprints that need a mop. The footprints in Angela’s house represent her favorite poem, “Footprints in the Sand” by Mary Stevenson.

Angela first read “Footprints in the Sand” during her last semester in college, a time when she was burned out and ready to graduate. Now, whenever she faces difficult situations, the poem gives her strength and reminds her to have faith. You might even see some footprints at her desk in KDC’s Dallas office where she works in the accounting department as Senior Accounts Payable.

Angela joined KDC in 2004 in a part-time capacity. Eventually, as the company grew, she took on a full-time position. Working closely with project managers and property managers, Angela processes payments for the company, as well as pre-development projects.

I feel like I’m learning something new every day because every project is different. My job is very detailed, and I’m fortunate to have the gift of a good memory to help me.

Angela began her accounting career in the mid-1980s and possesses more than 30 years of experience. A native of Louisiana, she graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a minor in marketing.

“I pursued a general business degree because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do,” Angela recalls. “I didn’t like accounting at all so it’s a bit of a fluke that I ended up doing what I’m doing.”

Prior to KDC, Angela worked at a few companies including two real estate-related firms, Transwestern and Western Rim Property Services. Both positions gave her the experience she needed to understand KDC’s business.

Angela takes pride in her work and strives to do her job to the best of her ability. She believes KDC’s team-oriented environment makes it easier for her to excel—that and her ability to “get along with anyone and everyone.”

Angela and her husband, a retired probation officer, have two sons. Both of her boys live nearby, but she’s still waiting for grandchildren. In the meantime, she hopes to foster children who need emergency placement.

And one day, Angela plans to expand the short story she wrote years ago into a full-length novel. “I definitely have a book inside me,” she says.

Notable Projects