Bret Creel

Senior Vice President / Design & Construction

  • 29 years of experience
  • 11 years at KDC

With an engineering management degree from University of Texas, Bret Creel could’ve ended up working for a well-known automaker or leading computer technology company. But his childhood mentor convinced him to give construction a shot.

With more than two decades of experience, he currently serves as a senior vice president of design and construction for KDC. His work experience with commercial contractors in operations and preconstruction/estimating provided valuable knowledge of project costs, design and construction processes.

Every day there’s a new challenge that needs to be solved, and I love that part of process.

He is currently working on Liberty Mutual’s 1.1-million-square-foot campus in Plano, Texas. Many of his responsibilities are the same, and he spends “a lot” of time making sure the design and budget align, managing the project schedule, ensuring quality and maintaining a safe and secure project.

“Liberty Mutual is a unique project in that it’s so massive,” Bret says. “Every day there’s a new challenge that needs to be solved, and I love that part of the process.”

Bret’s first project at KDC was the development of a regional hub for State Farm. He was in charge of the schedule, budget and change order management. “For a job the size of State Farm, there are a lot of changes that are made,” he notes. “I spent a large portion of time managing that change process, as well as managing the general contractor and design and engineering professionals.”

Bret also loves spending free time with his wife, Jill, and their twins, Hunt and Madden. He’s a Texas Longhorn football fan and passionate about hunting. “For me, the joy of hunting is about being away from the city and outside,” he says. “I love watching the animals and seeing sunrises and sunsets.”

Volunteer work is a priority for Bret, who helped build a new homeless shelter in Dallas for the 24-Hour Club.

Notable Projects