Jeff Innmon

Senior Vice President / Design & Construction

  • 35 years of experience
  • 11 years at KDC

American Airlines Center, the Winspear Opera House, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library are three of Dallas’ most impressive landmarks. And no one knows that better than Jeff Innmon. He led the construction team for these high-profile projects, which boast a collective price tag of more than $1 billion.

Now, with more than 30 years of commercial construction experience, Jeff is working with KDC to transform the city’s historic Deep Ellum neighborhood. He’s focused on building an office skyscraper that is part Epic, a mixed-use development that combines office, multifamily, retail, and a boutique hotel. He is responsible for managing the design team, tracking the design and construction budget, and making sure the project achieves its desired LEED rating.

The culture at KDC is all about teamwork and collaboration

“I’ve had the luxury of working on a lot of cool projects like Epic throughout my career,” Jeff says.

Even as a child growing up on Fort Worth’s southside, Innmon was fascinated with design and construction. “I always liked to draw, and when I was little, I’d bring a notepad to church and draw houses,” he recalls.

As a fifth generation Texan, Jeff stayed in the Lone Star State for college. He studied architecture at Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design.

During the first decade years of Jeff’s career, he focused on healthcare real estate. Then he made the switch to sports facilities and assisted in managing the construction of American Airlines Center, a multi-purpose arena in Victory Park. Once that project was completed, he hired on with Chicago-based sports consulting firm IFG and worked on several projects including Toyota Center in Houston, the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, and the Glendale Arena in suburban Phoenix.

As the development wave of sports facilities wound down, Jeff took on a once-in-a-lifetime project—the Winspear Opera House. Construction began in 2006, and Jeff flew around the world, working with architects and consultants and sourcing materials.

“The Winspear was definitely the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on,” Jeff says, pointing to the challenges related to the curtain wall system and the red glass “drum” that encircles the lobby. The glass came from Italy and Spain, the support frames were built in China, and everything was assembled on-site.

After the Winspear, Jeff tackled the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which allowed him to spend time with “43”. But all good things come to and end, and in 2013, when he found out that KDC was looking for new team members, he jumped at the chance to join KDC. His first assignment was 1920 McKinney, KDC’s first development in downtown Dallas. In addition to 1920 McKinney, he also managed the construction of FedEx Office’s headquarters in the Legacy West development in Plano, Texas.

Jeff’s position at KDC gives him free rein to do what he loves most: bring together different personalities and create a cohesive, effective team. “The culture at KDC is all about teamwork and collaboration,” he notes.

Jeff’s “home team” consists of two sons. And though he spends a lot of time on the baseball field with his youngest son, Jeff prefers skiing in the mountains of Colorado.

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