Tracie Frazier

Vice President / Marketing & Communications

  • 28 years of experience
  • 28 years at KDC

Tracie Frazier took on a marketing role at KDC nearly 25 years ago. It was her first job after graduating from the University of Texas-San Antonio, and it’s fair to say that she and the company have grown up together.

“KDC is part of who I am,” Tracie says. “We’ve experienced our biggest moments together.”

For Tracie, those milestones included getting engaged, bringing home her first pet, getting married, buying her first home, and the birth of three children. And at the same time, KDC experienced its own milestones, expanding its personnel roster by more than 10x, bringing on Fortune 500 clients such as State Farm and Toyota, and developing more than 36 million square feet of built-to-suit and speculative space.

As KDC’s Vice President / Marketing & Communications, Tracie oversees marketing and communication strategy for the company. With KDC’s extensive portfolio, Tracie can spend a day managing multiple creative projects, developing a marketing plan and budget for a land joint venture partner, overseeing an event, and then rushing out the door to an awards dinner.

My favorite part of the job is serving as KDC’s brand ambassador while out in the community. It’s a great way to market KDC’s laser focused services, our experienced team, and the company’s extensive experience and capabilities.

In between marketing activities, Tracie serves as liaison between KDC and its clients’ corporate communications teams during the development process to ensure external messaging is in place. She also guides clients through the implementation of project milestone events. “Every day is a new day, and it’s anything but routine,” Tracie says.

When Tracie joined KDC, she was new to Dallas and only slightly familiar with the development business (her father worked in commercial construction). Yet she was busy from day one with a wide variety of tasks, from graphic design to public relations.

“I really believe in KDC and what we’re trying to accomplish as a team,” Tracie says. “I trust the people who lead the company. They’ve given me the opportunity to grow … to be creative and to make a difference.”

Tracie’s first big project at KDC was a rebranding campaign after the company split from its parent organization. “I’ll never forget that project—it was a huge undertaking, and so important for the future of the company,” she says. “Professionally, it was the biggest challenge of my life.”

Tracie and her husband have two daughters and one son. She enjoys watching her children play sports, participating in fundraising efforts to support law enforcement and first responders, and golfing with her family.

Tracie also delights in cooking and hosting events for friends and family. “I love to cook for other people and to see them enjoy what I’ve made for them,” she says, adding that she spends a lot of time researching new recipes, customizing food preferences, and creating new dishes.

Tracie has won KDC’s Chili Cookoff so many times that her competition has finally given. Now, she brings a big pot of chili to the office for everyone to enjoy.

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